An Advanced Over-The-Counter Solution for Nosebleeds, Cuts and Scrapes

BleedArrest® Clotting Powders and Foam Strips offer a quick and painless solution for minor to moderate bleeding wounds without a prescription. BleedArrest utilizes our innovative biopolymer technology formulated specifically for over-the-counter use.

The following BleedArrest products are available at various retail locations nationwide:

BleedArrest Nosebleed PackNosebleed Package
Ideal for nosebleeds, but also works on skin cuts and scrapes. Each box contains five, individually packaged nasal foam strips. Contains potato starch.



BleedArrest Convenience KitMulti-Purpose Convenience Kit
For skin cuts, shaving cuts and nosebleeds. Each box contains one 5-gram bellows applicator and two individually packaged hemostat foam strips. Contains potato starch.



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